Oldies but Goodies!

So as they say " one person's trash is another person's treasure", which is without a question correct! I went thrift store shopping today with a couple of friends of mine and found a few goodies to elaborate into my collection. I scored a black and brown shoulder bag with a flap that has crocodile skin texture to it. It sort of reminds of a Jaclyn Smith bag. I really love that it looks like a little mini satchel, which I think is adorable. The fact that you can take off the long strap and use the handle to make it look like a different style of bag is genius. I also found a bronze nappa Anne Klein shoulder bag. I love the color, the style of how simple it is and how it can complete an outfit wether it's for a night out or simply just a casual encounter. I also came into possession of a long maxi pleated safari printed cheetah skirt. Omg!! It's ridiculously awesome! I loved the uneven hemline giving it that sort of whimsical effect. I can't wait to pear it with a cute pair of black suede heels for the winter. My treasure hunt was beyond any doubt a success!






Live a little!


  1. Oh my I love the shoulder bag!
    I've never been to a thrift store but
    I want to check one out. Good finds girl!

  2. Hey Shugurr, Thank you!! Aren't they fabulous =) You should definitly check out a thrift store whenever you can. One of a kind finds that you'll want to use wit everything!

    P.S- Thank you for following my blog =D
    and your style is great!