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So I decided to share with you my ordinary on the-go makeup routine. It's not a tutorial of how-to, it's more of a review of the products that I most definitly recommend for you to stash in your makeup bag. Wether it's for prom, party, night out, date, shopping day, etc...these results of goods are created to keep your makeup looking flawless and natural.

Most of these products where given to me by a great friend. Thank You Robert Flores, I really appreciate it all. =)

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer- I love love love this primer. Not only does it make your skin feel like silk but it also makes your makeup stay on all day!! The surplus of it is that you only need a pea size amount of it, so this primer is definitly worth the splurge.

2. Loreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness Primer- This is also a primer that I use daily but I only use a small amount on the areas where I have red spots and this stuff works wonders! After applying it, it minimizes the redness around my nose and above my cheekbones. Very affordable as well!

3. Bourjois Corrector Stick Concealer- This cute little concealer has a built in mirror which I thought was great. It has a creamy texture and blends very well, covers dark circles and imperfections. I love the fact that it doesn't leave your problem areas feeling cakey or look un-natural.

4. Bare Minerals Matte- My favorite yet out of all mineral makeup out there! After trying it for the first time, I fell in love with it. It goes on super smooth and leaves your skin looking flawless. If your skin is oily, matte is the one to use. Leaves your skin looking healthy, natural and shine free!

5. Smashbox Runway Glam Palette- Includes instant eye shadows & liner. This palette is certainly travel friendly and very compact! I love the natural colors that it has. You can go from natural looking eyes to glamour eyes, from day to night all in one palette.

6. Smashbox Duo-Split Blush/Brush- These rosy and highlighted pink colors give you just the right amount of glow on your cheekbones. It highlights your skin in all the right areas and leaves your skin looking luminous. The brush bristles are smooth so it's not too harsh on your skin giving it that clean polished finish.

7. Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner- The tip of this eyeliner makes applying eyeliner a peice of cake! It goes on super smooth and doesn't smudge through out the day. Also if you like the whole cat eye effect this liner is precise to help you acheive that look. Love it!

8. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara- My favorite mascara!! Although my eyelashes are long to begin with, this mascara enhances them even more making them look sensationally longer. I love that it doesn't smudge even when it's scorching hot outside. Use it with the Revlon Eye Lash Curler.

Mira que nice!




  • smashbox primer-$36-$49
  • loreal anti redness primer-$12.99
  • bourjois corrector stick-$5.00 on ebay
  • bare minerals matte-$28.00 or $60 for starter kit
  • smashbox runway eye palette is no longer available but look for similar eye palettes from the websites below.
  • smashbox blush-$29 brush-$48.00
  • milani liquid eyeliner-$6.99
  • maybelline colossal mascara-$6.99
  • revlon eyelash curler-$5.99
Most of these products can be found at:

or your local drugstore, walmart, target, etc...

Live a little!


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